The PUNCHBAG CHALLENGE - Battle Royale Highlights -

The PUNCHBAG CHALLENGE – Battle Royale Highlights

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The PUNCHBAG CHALLENGE – Battle Royale Highlights

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  1. bruh KILL the teamers dont even troll just kill'em

  2. My favorite youtuber once got 1.2K damage. BEAT THAT!

  3. yesterday,i play desert solo,i teamed with 5 peoples,then a people named IHASYOU killed us,is that you?

  4. TRY THIS CHALLENGE IN AN END GAME HEALOUT LMAOOO, I've taken 800 dmg, before by using revivify and healout, I was so far from the zone but managed to win with 4 revivifies and 4 medkits.

  5. Hey ihasyou are you by any chance playing the Easter update today because I managed to knock you out but I couldn't kill you your a tough one to beat

  6. I love how you made your videos more funny !!!!

  7. ok, im total taken 1258 damage and, then i win

  8. Your trash 🗑 you are showing music and playing this video like trash

  9. What site you use to do you’re intro

  10. ive legit killed you like almost every time were in the same game

  11. I used to play this game legit. I was very good. Fed up with hackers I've begun to hack myself to call attention to this game ruining issue. My game name is DevsFixHaxPls 🙁 please do what you can to harass the devs into removing hax

  12. Me and two other friends played with you today. My named was Goalie puni and my partners were Matrixbaby45 and froggie217.

  13. Creo que si me reconoceras por que cuando apareses en mi squad te ando pegando y asi jaja soy WARNING

  14. ihasyou could you do a face reveal 🧐 I wonder what u look like please

  15. This is ihy
    Ihy doesnot spin or make sharp movements
    He always aims good
    Be like ihy

  16. ihasyou i have a chalenge for you please read this yes i have a chalenge for you a pistol only and no p30l that pistol be the slegehamer but thats the chalenge for you i really hope so

  17. which one do you prefer? GAMERIO or IHASYOU …..

    gamerio like

    ihasyou coment


  19. Every iHASYOU i that is in my random squad either goes afk right away, or dies to another noob in the first few seconds, or tries to fight in the final circle with a m9.
    If the dude with the m9 was you doing a challenge, sorry for calling you a noob.
    I think tho that even you would be able to win with m9( maybe with melee or grenade ).
    I hope i can play with you some day.

  20. Also i feel that its EZer to move around on a touchscreen but EZer to aim on PC.
    What do you think?

  21. Hey yo I play survivio to and am a YouTuber and a gamer on YouTube to like ihasyou

  22. taking mosin instead sv

    sv: crying sounds

  23. your quickcchange has just ruined the game this become quickchange to ruin change i hate you i just unsubscribed and dislike

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