THE SURVIV.IO YOUTUBE TOURNAMENT ft @GAMERIO @L0r0s @surviv GLS @Tankalty Char @N00BMASTER and more! -

THE SURVIV.IO YOUTUBE TOURNAMENT ft @GAMERIO @L0r0s @surviv GLS @Tankalty Char @N00BMASTER and more!

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WHO WILL WIN THE 5K golden potatoes of the biggest youtube tournament ever organised ????? Answer in this video !

– L0r0s

– surviv GLS :


– happymcstrider :

– Ezermoz :

– Tankalty Char :

– SILP3T112 :

– Targ3T :


– Katzumi :

– AngLe :

– last_survivrYT :

– Wursthund gaming :

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  1. Alright organise another one I’ll sponsor the video with 7k 🙂 I’m serious

  2. hmmm
    how about making a tournament for ALL the yt next week??? (you can refuse :))

  3. Who eliminated katzumi, tankalty or imbadatthis????

  4. id like to try participate on a tourney u made because im kinda a sweaty tryhard but nope cus i hav band internet

  5. The music in the first part is epic .D

  6. If I was in the tournament I will lose first

  7. this tourney was awesome! I hope to see more in the future!

  8. You pRo good done @l0r0s @GAMERIO everyone we play this tournament! GG to the guys❤❤❤

  9. after the second round I had to go and do something else so rip

  10. Sure all very lucky cuz there wasn't razertiduu))) he would kill you everyone))

  11. The winner get 5 000k gp, which means 5 000 000,im Lucky I won XD because if gamerio who I had to spend 10 000€ XD

  12. People: make fun of Tankalty for winning his own tournament
    Me who just won two tournaments made by me: :sweat:

  13. When you're going to the tournament but you realise your ping is way 2 high…

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