THF TP: The Opps Waited 8 Years To Get Revenge -

THF TP: The Opps Waited 8 Years To Get Revenge

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  1. There ain’t nothing another man can do to me, to make me do him the way they did TP in front of his kids. Fuck that. This younger generation just has no soul. I don’t get it. I really don’t. No women no kids. Period. What’s so difficult about that? Sometimes being a real gangster means making tough decisions and swallowing your pride.

  2. 🤔 what school vacation is during September 27th

  3. I subscribed because you got stuff in this video i never knew like Lil marc or w.e his rap name is .. the one that made no competition was tookas brotha and the D rose video pulling up to the scene .

  4. Your outside involved in street shit and u put ur kids and girl in harms way is insane to me 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Man I hate that shit happened in front of his daughter. I can’t even imagine the trauma that poor girl is living with. I pray she finds some peace 💔

  6. Dudes are all losers that destroy they neighborhood because they scared of a fair one

  7. 051 Rose, 051 Oochie and KD 🤫🤐

    🚫Drilla & 🚫Montana

  8. Poster boy of Chicago drill. Never seen or heard of him before he died.

  9. I don’t know how accurate the information is…But, Good Job on the Overall Breakdown on Lil Buddy! May his kids and family find peace 🙏

  10. You funny for that title bc bruh died holding a poster 😂

  11. He said he was gone make it to the top in that bus stop video he got some wings now he up there

  12. 22:05 Man … Durk got a lotta people on his own side hit with that big flexin mouth of his

  13. Been listening to his music a lot lately dude was really good

  14. Nobody talked about dude until he got chipped, he the poster boy for a shit father lol

  15. Dudes acting like this actually trying to cultivate a family is CRAZYYYY

  16. Thf bayzoo been about it didn’t know he was thf and not otf he been part of the war in chiraq since the jump

  17. The info for the shooters in the bob-o hit came out, wasn’t drilla, it was 3 guys unfamiliar with their names

  18. When you unfortunately come from government housing, projects, or any section 8 community; your life automatically depends on you adapting to that particular environment. Anybody please? How does an average poor, single mothers child; thrive, or survive the only Hood dedicated influence guaranteed everyday outside their front door?? Jus take one sec, and think about it. How possible is this only option, to a average poor struggling family child

  19. great video, sad for people that had to see that, but, in that interview, he came across as just another ignorant Chicago Gangbanger, , repeating same curse words , dissing the dead an being in the street committing crimes an posting like he was, he was going to end up Dead or in jail, Darwin at work a Karma is a thing

  20. Keep them coming tho bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rating i was gonna give u 5 stars but u blinded me with the white background how hard was dark grey background with white letters 😂

  22. RIP, it's crazy that Nuski got signed and died 3 days after my 10th birthday.. RIP to both 🙏

  23. Bro need his a$$ beat for that title and thumbnail💀💀

  24. He should of had those 2 pistols on em maybe he'd still be here 😮

  25. Those Chicago diss tracks don’t age well at all 💀

  26. All these record deals keep popping up after everyone dies

  27. Ya'll think they were specifically trying to hit THF TP, or just any opp just to score

  28. DRY SNITCHING AT ITS FINEST! Gang member being old enough and mature enough to know better got on a public platform and named every single member of his gang for the feds to get around the snitching allegations. Another king yella move!

  29. So I’m guessing you came up with the title cause he was killed while having posters with him? 😅

  30. main you about a day early,.. you woulda had a lot more info for this story right now today,… nonetheless keep doin yo thang big dawg

  31. Yo timeline is alil off raheem died before chino

  32. Everyone taking lives because of "dissing" when its all just words ,wen u die u done, no emotions no thoughts, nothing, u just gone,all u do is rest until god come n get u, everyone taking lives over dumb ah words wen his real consequences for the stuff u do wen u die ,god gone have a feild day with these ppl.smh

  33. He probably would've did the same to his opps i only feel bad for the kids

  34. Montana and drilla didnt do that bruh catchup they released the names of 3 suspects and it wasnt them

  35. Bruh -_- u so far out the loop u actually just said u dont hear alotta ppl talk about thf teezy setting up the hit? That was literally the biggest bombshell in the case which was known and talked about for a whole damn year 😂

  36. All of this is sad… and soooo incredibly pointless.
    I live outside of St.Louis and its been murder capital many times. Met some Chicago people along the way, no one you've ever mentioned.

    But Ive lost friends to pointless shit like this. Unfortunately I understand how the street life is more addictive than drugs to most people who live that and the results are never good.

    Rest in peace to all the dead in Chicago.. that city needs peace

  37. Damn there really ain’t no time on the get back🤦🏽‍♂️ 8 years is crazy man

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