*THIS* happens when you DON'T play SURVIV.IO 2 Weeks😍🔥 - glimmergame.com

*THIS* happens when you DON’T play SURVIV.IO 2 Weeks😍🔥

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Hello everyone!
I haven’t played surviv.io for 2 Weeks now, let’s see how good (bad) I got! 😀
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*THIS* happens when you DON’T play SURVIV.IO 2 Weeks😓
Video Made by L0r0s
Thumbnail Made by L0r0s
Discord: L0r0s#3868


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*What are my key binds?*

*What do I use to edit?*
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*What do I use to make thumbnails?*

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  1. løl its going to be funny!
    q; could u do a vid about weapon probability? (i suggest u the naginata in the japanese house)

  2. when teams are back we 1v1 ok?(:
    you decide what the winner gets aight?

  3. i didn't played surviv for 8 months until may 2022

  4. Survivio has been doing updates to their game internally, this is why your ping/lag is so bad. They should have it going perfect again today.

  5. It’s okay dude I haven’t played it in a long time because i chromebook broke

  6. i just had too relearn the game, got back from 2 week vacay too.

  7. After retiring from 1 months not (1 week) I’m so rusty i cant even aim well, before my aiming is good, now its trash because I haven’t touched surviv since 1 month

  8. 11:24 And what did you expect from a cheater without normal armor and weapons? That he will kill you?

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