This is the EASIEST way to WIN in (NO DAMAGE DEALT) (Survivio Lasr Swrds Update) -

This is the EASIEST way to WIN in (NO DAMAGE DEALT) (Survivio Lasr Swrds Update)

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  1. I have seen you in surviv. Ok I also have been on your team

  2. Yo ihasyou, i joined your discord. I was wondering if i could have access to vip, like i used to. thanks

  3. my brother was in here yEeT he played surviv today and his name is PRO

  4. I am Domedward I have killed you before and you have killed me we have also played duos together

  5. "It's over chief, I've got the boxes!"
    "Wait wut?"

  6. How did u get so good??? I've been playing surviv for like 2 years and still suck. Also, love yur videos. Can i get a shout out pls?

  7. What edited do you use for these and any editor suggestions for mobile ?

  8. Dope editing bro. I’m in you discord server

  9. Can I be mentioned in ur next video, pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?!?!?!?

  10. i wish i could messeg you on discord but i can`t bc i don`t have permissen

  11. This was for me the first actually enjoyable update in months. We need more original modes in this game.

  12. Bro you are the best keep grinding you will reach 200k subs easily

  13. It’s funny how he misses the 2nd key in the greenhouse twice 😂😂

  14. Please I need your help! In surviv, something is wrong. I can't see myself or any loot so its basically impossible to play. I've reloaded and shut down my computer and restarted so many times. Help please :CCCC I don't know whats going on

  15. I just thought of something …. u could use the force to launch grenades…. idk if u can do that just an idea

  16. Also u should put good loot on the ground and hide landmines there

  17. Epico epicado soy el ParKer un saludo pls

  18. All we need now is two dudes with blue lightsabers, a bridge, the storm, and some "duel of the fates" playing….

  19. Ťøťàĺĺý Ñòţğĺìťćhŕàț says:

    Is that a light saber in Star Wars??

  20. u can quick scoper to vicorey + do like a 360 or sometheng cooler than normal endings +play roblox pls its a crap tone of fun and play mor e fortnite crap tome of fun to btw

  21. One time I was fighting this guy with a lightsaber and he uses a pulse box on me and I get knocked into a barrel and died because my lightsaber hit the barrel. 🙁

  22. I want your discord…..

    I play on mobile

  23. im "s"' daughter. ima just say one word…LEGIT.(dude srsly,im a noob at srviv io)

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