This LEGENDARY Tech Part DESTROYS MOBS In Chapter 68! | -

This LEGENDARY Tech Part DESTROYS MOBS In Chapter 68! |

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Let’s test the legendary nanobot tech part and legendary kunai on the chapter 68 trial in #survivorio to see just how good it is at demolishing the biggest and strongest mobs in the game!

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  1. Totally different bosses than what I have… The final boss in my game in this chapter is ragefire tyrant, one (!!!) bullet hit and you are wasted.. And it does the shooting almost all the time.

  2. finally,, i can win this chapter after watching your video, thank you very much 🙏🏼

  3. This level is absurd. I’m stuck on the last boss. 3 lives gone so fast. I can’t see his bullets well enough even with low res. It’s the fire tyrant I believe.

  4. I am only f2p and not a Bruce Wayne but i still watched.

  5. this bleeding effect from durian is really awesome, waiting for a Rank-Video of the red-parts,

  6. Whoever came up with the blue dragons should be fired. 😡

  7. I so interested on red antimatter generator

  8. Caltrops at red seem decent. I am sure would have got more than 8k kills with VP or the LC. At end game your weapon really becomes most powerful, so its good to think about skills that compliment your weapon. I don't think caltrops is top tier but with HE fuel as its evo i'd play it as Defensive tech at legend.

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