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Today we are going to check out max level Worm in upon request. So, here’s a Worm gameplay video showcasing his 3-star skills in Ender’s Echo and on Chapter 94.

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  1. Can someone tell me how i can upgrade my hero over lvl 94? Somehow i cant upgrade it further to lvl 100

  2. I just realized how many void powers you have.

  3. I got a voidwaker windbreaker when i spent some money in gems a few days ago, yesterday i didnt want to try and get another windbreaker so i did a normal s grade chest. What i didnt expect is to get a s grade from the one spin. Hut what i didnt expect was i would get a windbreaker. I wouldve heavily prefered void power because i really want it but nope. Another windbreaker.

  4. Lots of love ❤️❤️❤️ from Bangladesh ⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕

  5. Finally got the legendary Eternal gloves, using it together with legendary Kunai. Using his tips, it has helped me finally get 5 billion in Enders Echoe. Somehow i'm in same group with Phasecast. He's untouchable and i'm barely making the top 10

  6. King is King for a reason lol. He’s my favorite character. Those CRITS bro ❤

  7. Hi phasecast! im xXGRAVITYXx Thanks for making the video!
    (Thanks for mentioning me :)!)

  8. Some tips:
    -You should get the lvl 100 trait so you don’t need to rely on getting a magnet to spawn/need to get magnet passive
    -use your pet as a meat shield (for this boss when it shoots the spikes, stand behind pet so you take no dmg and can just stand there)
    -guardian is a decent option to push mobs back
    -(unsure/no conclusive test done) but I like to use waist sensor over eternal belt as it adds speed for extra dmg on vw treads. Also means you don’t need to choose the sport shoe as a passive.

  9. “My voice has alot of shsss and shsss in it” 😆😂🤣😭

  10. not six star worm but still happy. thanks, Phasecast!

  11. I've still to get king but with lvl 75 base character, lvl 40 purple frog, lvl 80 eternal belt, necklace, boots and tw gloves and kunai even with rng on skills I still can't get over 1B in enders echo I don't understand..

  12. How do I have clothes for worm but no character?

  13. Does anyone have tips to beat factory challenge(in the mega challenges section)?

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