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Top 10 BEST .io Games of All Time!

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Ah, .io games. Years ago they used to be extremely popular, and while there are still a chunk of people playing .io games, they’re long past their prime. Since .io games are the reason I have my channel in the first place, I figured that I’d give them a bit more love before leaving them for good.

I will rank the games based on Quality first, Originality second, Popularity third.

“Quality” means how good and polished the game is and how much content it has.

“Originality” means how much the game innovates and how different it is compared to other games including those outside of .io. Generally speaking, “clone” .io games have little to no originality and won’t fare well for this list. Not that I despise the existence of clone .io games, but you get the point.

“Popularity” means how many people played and talked about the game, I will consider both peak popularity and their longevity. Generally speaking, player counts, Youtube views and the activeness of a game’s community can estimate how popular a game is.

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  1. i was watching whirows 200k stream and saw you

  2. I WANT A UPDATED REMAKE!!! Seriously would be so cool

  3. Dear Shyguymask,

    I write to you with a heavy heart, having recently lost my mother to cancer. Amidst the overwhelming grief, your YouTube channel has been a source of solace and inspiration. I subscribed because your content brings laughter and comfort during this difficult time. Today, I humbly request a shoutout for my mother's memory and my own YouTube channel. Creating content has become my way of healing and honoring her legacy. Your support would mean the world to me, allowing me to share the love and strength she instilled in me. Thank you for being a source of light in my darkest days.

    Warm regards,


  4. Pra min surviv era melhor de todos pena depois da venda da empresa jogo acabo

  5. I miss duckio 😢 he has deleted his old videos and now his channel only have minecraft 😢

  6. I 100% agree with Mope, I played for no joke multiple hours with friends in 2018 and 2019, but ever since late 2019 or so it's gone downhill. I played it today and it's so gimmicky and overcomplicated, and all the servers had like 12 people.

  7. I'm here just to give my credits to those io games, of listed here, that have died recently.

    I won't forget them. 🪦

  8. raid and deff it is memorys about starveio of nme

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