Top 5 EU + AS Players - -

Top 5 EU + AS Players –

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– I did not create the order all by myself
– This video rated players based upon their skill in the prime of their careers.
This means that you may see (for example) #5 beat #3 in a 1v1. Yes, #3 is still better, #5 was probably just better at that time.
– I do not own any of the clips or songs shown in the video
– A full list of info regarding the clips, players, and songs in this video can be found here:

COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to own or have created the songs used in this video in any way shape or form. All credit goes to their respective owners. If you own one of these songs and would like to have the video changed, email me at [email protected].

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  1. Wonder how many points does GAMERIO and IHASYOU have

  2. i think .. g0dak the 1st cuz his aim 10/10 Uwu

  3. holy shit it says 6,969 views on my screen great job xD

  4. Not gonna cap g0dak should be number 2 on this list. Also, his aim% should be higher, at least 9.5. But otherwise, I can agree

  5. Where is {ARM}Haruti, the biggest pro on this world? 🙃

  6. 1등은 역시 우리나라구먼… The first is korean!

  7. well the hackers are kinda raising up rn im also a hacker but ş do not aimbot i do not use esp i only want to see my health how much is left guys pls dont hack hacking is bad im using it for only seeing my health

  8. You deserve more credit for all this time it took to make this also survivio isn't doing shi about hackers

  9. if u think the Korea player is the best so he can doing a overlocking ??? gOdak can do it to i love his channel

  10. I think I'm pretty decent but I don't alr get ranked so…

  11. hi what is the music you used for dim_sum ? thx and great vid dud

  12. btw i dont wanne call myself pro but i am from the top 10 best surviv io players

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