*TOP 6 "BEST CLANS" in SURVIV.IO (and JOIN them !!!)* | Surviv.io - glimmergame.com

*TOP 6 “BEST CLANS” in SURVIV.IO (and JOIN them !!!)* | Surviv.io

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– Do you want to join pro clans ?? Look at them in this video 😉
– You can join TANKALTY CLAN now [top 2 clan] !!!
Code : 47d05158
– My discord server :
– My channel (subscribe) :
– My twitch (streams) :
– Music used in the intro :
– YodCroissant – Windwalk :

– Music used in the video :
– Aero Chord feat. DDARK – Shootin Stars [NCS Release] :

– Kalide & Peter Kiemann – Forever (ft. Bianca) [Lyrics] :

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  1. Is there any way to customize what types of clans show up or what the level requirement is

  2. hmmm, i think Wings is the best clan in asia sv.

  3. I’m in the video W, my clan elite top 1 fr

  4. Nice! Your clan is really good but still the better (?) L0r0s's clan

  5. cool la vid j avais juste une question TA char il fait plus de video? sinon cool le 1V1 GG et notre clan et vraiment bien

  6. GAMERIO Clan: sad 🙁
    Edit: i watched ur 3.7k sub livestream

  7. RIP that this feature took so long. I feel like a bunch of pro or semi-pro players have stopped playing the game. I’d join a clan if I wasn’t so inactive, but I’ve only got like 2 kpg

  8. I joined Always United! Thx a lot Tankalaty for the clans!


    do you still play gd cuz i started that again

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