Top Skills to pass ALL LEVELS - The best EVO COMBO in ( 6xEVO ) -

Top Skills to pass ALL LEVELS – The best EVO COMBO in ( 6xEVO )

Deflective C.
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  1. My combo evo is drones, guardian, Molotov, lighting, shuriken, and drill

  2. My combo is drone the landmine area damage thingy, defender, op drill, rpg and the normal weapon

  3. my combo is guardian, forcefield (not maxed), brick, Molotov, and soccer. Every other secondary will be to upgrade my primaries except the battery cuz of the +%50 dmg

  4. Nah guardian, a and b drones, land mine,rocket and lightning emitter is where its at

  5. Help me reach 100 subs wihout videos! ☺ says:

    How do i get katana? (Pls answer lol)

  6. Drill shurkian rpg gaurdian soccer ball lightning

  7. In my opinion, you should complete that level then pause and take a picture for us to see

  8. I started today and I'm still confused by all the terms lol. What is Evo? Evolution?

  9. my favourite stuff to use is kunai then just get defender spirit shuriken the yellow lightning defender and arrow and u will be set

  10. Video is too fast. You don’t show everything you chose.

  11. My combo is really strong but i cant able to max it fast. All my combo is boomerang bigger 5 star
    And guardian 6 star max?
    And. Forcefield 6 star max?
    Edit: and 2 drone
    B drone 5 star
    A drone 4 star

  12. My combo is guardian forcefield Typa a drone type b drone And Molotov

  13. honestly kunai is a much better weapon in my opinion

  14. My combo is forcefield, guardian, Molotov, drill shot, soccer ball, and normal weapon. My supplies are the ones that help Evo abilitys I can solo up to wave 500

  15. My combo is destroyer and forcefield for spam waves, and whistle drill and Evo Kunai for bosses

  16. How do you get epic equipment when I merge 2 excellent it gets like +1 thing and when I merge another +1 it becomes +2 so I think it's impossible to get epic

  17. Force field drill shot rpg lightning GAURDIAN

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