TROLLING GREEDY TEAMERS IN SURVIV.IO! (Rare Double Golden Container) -


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You asked for it so here it is. The ultimate trolling teamers edition.

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  1. IHASYOU have been on my team and i want to be yur friend

  2. i'm brasilian but i love ur channel || eu sou braileiro mas amo seu canal

  3. I’m a noob and constantly getting killed by teamers

  4. I hate teamers they always kill me solo =solo

  5. IHASYOU pls play with me I'm in your discord but do not have permission to chat, I oK at the game You can carry me!

  6. I agree that you shouldn't team in solo but a lot of people also use this pretending to team tactic as a cheap way to win

  7. So true i started playing the game and 4 people start killing me in solo lmao

  8. End them pog. Lol Im back from when surviv was like adding all the new modes. I miss those days… sigh

  9. a show u how to fix teamers restart the 2020 into 2017 oldeset and no teamer well team forever

  10. I also make friends and then I kill him >:D

  11. Knowing when to team to surviv is a skill, e.g. when ur low and can't take an engagement pretend to team. Honestly teamers aren't the problem, it's toxic players who spin and troll react

  12. Also killing nakeds is mean when they heart emoji at u, it's called gamer etiquette

  13. I have only been watching or a week now but I love ur videos. also I subscribed.

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