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Funny trolls in the woods mode!
Here’s how I’ll trap players! Everyone can see where’s the woods helmet when no one wears it. I will let it on the ground in the pavilion. This way, players will come trying to take it!



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Brain Trust

Pucker Up

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  1. Your videos are very interesting ! I'm a mobile player, but your gameplays are very useful!

  2. Why can’t I play anymore? It always says “Failed Joining Game”

  3. you're so good, why don't you make a video about fan challenges

  4. ever since you stopped uploading lolbeans videos i have forgotten all about this channel, you should really get back into making more lolbeans content, Maybe some tips and clips or something like that…

  5. a erffrsd aaaa me first cuz me cool and tru gamoer fan aaa gewds

  6. Monochrome landscape challenge please

    (Every item, every survivr, every drawing, everything else is white with black borders, and every minute colors split.)

    (It should be assigned with F12. Main color: #000000; Borders color: #FFFFFF)

  7. GAMERIO:30000000subscribe

  8. nice one! liked, how much did this took you?

  9. Yoooooooo! So good video dude. What is the songs name?

  10. best vids ever!😍🥰😍😘🤫🌈😎🙀🧠

  11. Hey bro which server do you play that you get this much bots?

  12. What you use to edit videos and to make thumbnails?

  13. I'm [ngu]proVN , my record is 16 kills! , and i want to solo with GAMERIO!

  14. I want you to solo with pros :(. Noobs are easy to kill, so it make me feel boring while watching. Your skill are good, please solo with pros

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