TROLLING TEAMERS IN SURVIV.IO! ( SOLO vs TEAMERS Funny Moments & Highlights) -


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Teaming in solo still seems to be an issue on Well that’s not fair so let’s mess with them and try level the playing field.

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  1. I NEVER Teaming. If you like playing with someone, play duo. I think teamers are very bad players, cuz they can reach good results only in a team

  2. I hate maps with little river. Its vert big distance between houses

  3. Technically this isn’t trolling, its more backstabbing 🙂

  4. you most these are all people who aren't teamers but since you offered they decided why not? not a troll

  5. Are you actually this toxic?! I’m sorry (not really), but I can’t support someone as toxic as you.

  6. Ok, entering solo means playing solo, but IF i come across a guy looking for weapons I usually leave them alone. Killing/Dying right of the bat isnt fun.
    Also, death to teamers!

  7. My teamate in squad 1 time saw me got knocked he just punched me for me to drop the awm-s

  8. You’re just like, “whoops, I killed him”

  9. 99 post sans to timete noob in scvad
    mode 1 post pro teameit ihasyou is 1 post sans

  10. This the worst I hasyou vid every humiliating desperate noobs. This is stupid. This vid should be called humiliating players by being a teamer😆

  11. What the hack the players think you want to team with them so there like why not. I hasyou your the one ruining the game. Worst vid ever.😒

  12. suggestion:

    give players a green suit
    react emotes to team them
    kill them to troll

  13. when ur in town you just win you never lose pro nice

  14. nightmare then you realize 3 people left on solo and they all teaming

  15. teamers are deaf, there is a duo mode for a reason.


  17. Brah we walked right Past Eye box at the green. House and then got a hammer from kill in the bunker but doesn't break the eye box? I am like wtf is wrong with him xd

  18. 5,04 you get a kill with the best troll 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. I found 2 people today who wanted to team with me… this shows that teaming in solo is still an issue even after 2 years…

    I trolled both of them btw

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