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I trolled players using the MP220 and tacos in game on!

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  1. yayyy ihy im fann :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  2. Me who complains about hackers in surviv, also me who easily kills hackers and is given -100 prestige under the influence of “Only a hacker can kill a hacker”

  3. when iHASYOU gets taco u dont wanna mess with him

  4. iHASYOU is the chillest player when playing surviv.

  5. iHASYOU Is geeting his skills back let's go 😆

  6. Legends never die: and guess what, he came back!

  7. Bro IHASYOU deserves at leat 1 mil subs who agrees?!

  8. The legend is here to take revenge and the legend shall never die because Legends Never Die, they become a part of you, can you hear them screaming out your name while they die. Stupid hackers. revenge is coming for you hackers.

  9. Now this is the quality surviv content we all love to see
    I've missed this level of perfection in a video

  10. me vs hacks
    hacks you noob me goods
    me hmmmmmmm
    hacks: f me

  11. 2:57 Imagine chilling with your homie, giving him a soda, and then all of a sudden, BAM!!! A crazy guy comes out of nowhere and OBLITERATES you with mp220-ultra-gunchilada-spam lmao. Great vid! <3

  12. Its just broken man mp+gunchillada=cahos

  13. Oh thats what it does i though it was like eating the popsicles that made you go fast

  14. Hey !! İhasyou U pro me noob pls HELP surviv code pls

  15. Give a shout out to surviv queen and I’ll give you 10k don’t beileave me ask jfk 2021

  16. Respect to ihy for sticking with io games all these years

  17. theres more deadly combos,

    1st combo: taco+mp22
    more combos: awms+taco, minigun+taco, saiga+taco

  18. Me when I aim in my IPAD on INFINANTE RELOAD SPEED

  19. You cool IHASYOU and you friend is IHAVELOCITY

  20. Tip: whenever possible, launch flares on hardstone boulders/blocks

  21. When ihasyou eats a taco in surviv: alright, we win 100%
    Enemy: oh no…. pls don't do it…… gg man

  22. How did you double the key because i wanna know like you Have T and T for switching

  23. 02:15
    Wait a second, there are four "taco" now there only three?!

  24. No front. I like your Videos, but Gamerio is better, than you. Why has Gamerio not so much subscribes?

  25. Will we be reported if we really did that in normal

  26. I love the mp22 + m416 or any gun like it like the groza s groza ak47 and mp5 or a dmr I win every time with it

  27. omg he should have done dual peacemaker and tacos

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