TSUKIYOMI & LEGENDARY BASEBALL BAT - The BEST Hero/Weapon Combo? | Survivor.io - glimmergame.com

TSUKIYOMI & LEGENDARY BASEBALL BAT – The BEST Hero/Weapon Combo? | Survivor.io

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Let’s test one of the newest survivors in Survivor.io, Tsukiyomi with the red baseball to see how it pairs up with the moonhalo slash evo skill.

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  1. Think you are the only one I can ask for this favour…… I need to see full astral Bag in action!!!!

  2. I like how you have an outro video instead of an intro video. Those are annoying but you jump right in which is appreciated

  3. Top quality. The first thing I look for on a morning is your videos. The Main 2 producer's are you Phasecast and the i pick my butt guy………….anyways,er…thanks.

  4. sad thing is, we need to pay a real money to get this hero

  5. Does anyone know how to link my account to my Google play so I don't lose data. I started a account without being logged into Google play and my character is at level 40 now and I don't want to lose my data. Please help

  6. Thanks for making survivio contest Keeper up the good content🫡

  7. Question please. What made you choose the Conductive Device?

  8. can you show your setup in enders echo and whats the best setup for it to get high damage

  9. PLEASE give the kunai a chance in Enders Echo. I just got an all time high and because of the XP scroll I was able to power up a few weapons

  10. Yeah I made a Legendary bat for her two weeks ago. Best weapon skill combo

  11. Can u make a video when u get red brick's tech part ? It says that the 1-ton iron brick will spin as they fly out. It would be cool to see how it works.

  12. Note that you can't upgrade weapon skills without their proper supplies.

  13. El mejor video que evisto

  14. It's actually funny how brutal Phase sounds without the context of this being a video game.

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