UNLOCK NEW SEASON 9! (AWM-S + 15x) | Surviv.io - glimmergame.com

UNLOCK NEW SEASON 9! (AWM-S + 15x) | Surviv.io

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Season 9 has arrived! Let’s buy the pass and unlock all gold items! Insane gameplay with AWM-S and 15x scope!



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  1. Season 10 whereeeeeeeeeeeee areeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. Remember that he's a pro player in the world😍😍

  3. I can't fightit saysAn Account is linked to this Login.You may continue.and above it says …

  4. i played this so much i went to play it there are only some players lik 7 8 or 4 3

  5. Damn I like this season btw cuz have free skin ,melee and healing animation

  6. So many gamerio clones on the game. How do we know when it's you?

  7. gamerio in this new update fixed the bug of the FAILURE match?

  8. my friend ate my toothbrush 😔😟 says:

    It's really sad when i enter a game and I see that there is just 1 or 2 players 🙁
    Surviv is a good game but doesn't have money so that it can pay for some ads 🙁

  9. hi the most kills ive gotten in desert is 11

  10. Hi Gamerio I am SurvivRGirl
    at the end i wanted to screen you with me therefore i wasnt shooting but why did you killed me i want only to screenshot you ?


  12. the pass sucks 🙁 we want new modes new perks and guns

  13. i have early unloked lv1to lv30 than you :DDD

  14. The first skin in the gold pass looks like google chrome, right?

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