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Season 10 has arrived! There are 30 new levels! Let’s buy the pass!



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  1. Good video!!! I like the skins in season 10!!! Btw there are dual AWM-S in the desert game mode!!💥💯🔥

  2. I expected something more ngl, not just new season… Btw clown emote is only thing that i love.

  3. I really pro in Surviv.io but 1 sad thing… Me pc is so bad that i can't react if people try kill me. On me Friends pc i get 'if i play on it. Mostly not.' i get a win really easy. But fuck me pc 😭😭😭😭

  4. Jeez you're fast with the missions. Appreciation for the vid and the new battlepass!

  5. Have you noticed that there are a lot of cheaters in the game?!
    and i want to say that:did you remember SurvivRGirl?

  6. Omg respect the only surviv yt pro

  7. Hey gamerio im pkndayoutuber in surviv wanna team up?

  8. bro, how did you make the mouse cursor like that? can you post a link?

  9. Yo todo pobre y ahorrando a la soguienye temporada me lo compro xd sere pobre pero pro

  10. GAMERIO pls im a Surviv Youtuber pls join it'd be a honor to play with you on my team. 🙁

  11. Wow. I want 😫 and I will tell them that. I'm noob

  12. How do you have, like, no lag? My surviv is garbage. And how do you desynchronize so easily as well?

  13. Nice OMG The new pass is super rare

  14. I got this the second it dropped all levels and pass

  15. Love this video keep up the work gamerio but someday I will beat u again

  16. Can we just give a moment to appreciate the work he has put into the videos for us! ❤️

  17. Every few hours I keep checking GAMERIO's Channel, waiting for the moment that brightens up my day!

  18. how is he not experiencing surviv freezing

  19. I really said that I just want to watch you play, not play because you shoot too good to be able to fight back (vietnam)

  20. realy like the new vid tho tbh this season isnt quite as good as others tho still decent

  21. woah i want your editing skills and app gamerio!!! nice video btw

  22. super cool content here good luck with the 30 levels!😉

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