UNLOCKING RARE LVL 30 SKIN! AWM-S + 15x SCOPE GAMEPLAY! | Surviv.io - glimmergame.com


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I unlocked the level 30 items in season 11! I played a few games with the new Max Attack skin and got the AWM-S and 15x scope in the potato mode!



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  1. Кстати, не верьте он не так хорошо играет, просто вырезает хорошие моменты и все, я его в конце 1 на 1 выиграл как бота

  2. Can someone buy my pizzas death emote?My name is CosmicDuppaYT

  3. i cant believe the fact some people still enjoy watching THIS.. like come on guys the last time surviv was a popular, likeable game is when it wasnt bought by kongregate yet

  4. Small challenge: you only use m9 to kill player

  5. he's only good at shooting beginners, he doesn't shoot pro players

  6. ur edit is so cool i hope i can play with u one day 😉

  7. Guys giveaway going on my channel please checkout

  8. 3 years ago u were garbage but now ur so op

  9. surviv ioioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  10. i personally have gotten 15x scope 5 times

  11. lol nice one with the bounce kill keep it up @GAMERIO nice vid (liked)

  12. this skin like make with Minecraft ,its so well

  13. Gamerio: 15, 16 kills
    Paywax: Amat… wait, NO

  14. Bruh i swear u the last og that still plays all of the other og’s and me stopped playing i think i stopped playing like from 3-4 years ago 💀

  15. Its a bargain to just wait until you reach all 30 normal tiers and get all the gold items for just 3k ^_^ Probably the best season I've seen in a long time, really excited to get all that stuff

  16. How can you switch weapons so fast and shoot?

  17. we can play you and me a pvp I'm YEPES hehe

  18. Its so funny you chased the 15x before the zone is advancing up lol

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