Using An Egg Bunker to Win a 2v35! (Lone Survivr) | -

Using An Egg Bunker to Win a 2v35! (Lone Survivr) |

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special thanks to squiggle, seol, skyper, snickers, darkray and puthar for playing on the other team so we were able to get these clutches!

thumbnail: made by me

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☐PC Specs/Setup☐
AMD Ryzen 5 2600 8g ram
▧Keyboard: E-Yooso 81 Mechanical Keyboard
▧Mouse: M711 Cobra
▧Monitor: Acer 24 inch 70hz

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  1. no vas a querer jugar nunca con migo por que yo juego en sudamerica la unica rejion q no tengo lag 🙁

  2. silverdotware and u joweek make a great team

  3. how do you do that custom thing with the fps etc

  4. 0358 is the code can you DM me the nitro joweek I'm Wasp

  5. wow look at that loot, youre a legend respect-*

  6. i'm sweating the whole time and i'm not even the one whos playing. lmao

  7. I don’t enjoy this video this video is trash

  8. Silverdotoware posted this vid and how eel copied it😡😡

  9. What's this song in 2v35 and 2v22, it's so powerful😍

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