Using Bank as a FORT While I am Lone Survivr! || Lone Survivr || Pro Gameplay -

Using Bank as a FORT While I am Lone Survivr! || Lone Survivr || Pro Gameplay

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hey guys, today I have possibly the last video I ever post depending on weather it gets views or not. This video took a long time to record so I would really appreciate it if you liked the video and subbed. ❤

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  1. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼my man really just won a 1 v 27. great job!

  2. i luv ur vids consider the like done but i am alredy subbed LOL

  3. I actually hate it when people have a say sv-98 and they have a qbb 97… Then they only use sv-98

  4. All of your vids are about lone survivor, and the katana bunker

  5. oh very nice!
    ( and i like you music in a video to haha)

  6. Uno de los vídeos mass épicos !! De squiglee

  7. The fact that you’re bullying noobs is just too funny

  8. can i ask ? why the fuck most people spin like they have autism?

  9. Ma man yo can i be in a vid i got a ytube channel

  10. the last game was so fucking intense holy fuck

  11. WTF. YOU ARE SOOOOOO GOOD!!! You are the best gamer, If ever seen.

  12. you were like: GIVE ME THAT BONESAW OR YER DED!
    Medic: NO!

  13. Very well edited i must say :)) keep the content up

  14. まだこのゲーム出来んの?

  15. 🎉😮😮🎉🎉😮😮🎉😮🎉😮siiiiii

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