Using Greenhouse Bunker as a FORT While I am Lone Survivr! ΙΙ Pro Gameplay -

Using Greenhouse Bunker as a FORT While I am Lone Survivr! ΙΙ Pro Gameplay

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Hello everyone!
Today a Lone Survivr Video in the Greenhouse Bunker,
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Le Havre:
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Using Greenhouse Bunker as a FORT While I am Lone Survivr! ΙΙ Pro Gameplay
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Video Made by L0r0s
Thumbnail Made by L0r0s
Discord: L0r0s#3868

0:00 1v24 in the Greenhouse Bunker
1:50 1v32 in Greenhouse Bunker with 30 kills by le havre
6:00 2v25

Outro: Barren Gates – Obey

*What are my key binds?*

*What do I use to edit?*
Filmora X and Davinci Resolve

*What do I use to make thumbnails?*

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  1. but the bunker you did it wrong
    kep throwing nades at the entrance

  2. 7:43 i hate that people not reviving his teammate

  3. OMFG! Le got 6k damagges…🤯🤪 GG for the remaining gameplayz!^^

  4. I look forward to it🤩🤯👽❤‍🔥

  5. Oh no… Lone survivr content again🥴. There are so many vids abt it on yt, and it become lil bit boring

  6. Nice! One time when i was playing 50v50, there was 2v30, and the lone survivr used greenhouse and he won with 20 kills

  7. Only skilled YouTubers can 1v32, i am sure i am not, i just like pvp lol 🔥🤓😬

  8. i think the new usas 12 and pkp combo is the strongest when playing surviv alone

  9. I got groza s and machete from clubs. Spas and ghillie suit from two separate shacks. Along with vector mosin and saiga from rivercrate in one game. And then i die…

  10. plz give me region on you plays.
    And die. xd

  11. Yo L0r0s, im that discord dude that sent you the PKP on the bridge. I always loved lone surviv gameplay but i suck at it.

  12. are u still continuing the lone surviv with razer?

  13. Can u play live and make the vewers join u and play with u like what GAMERIO did on his live video pls?

  14. h͚i͚ l͚o͚r͚o͚s͚ y͚e͚s͚ bro

  15. gg !!!! what are the music you use (every they are so cool) ????? plz answer me

  16. Lamoooo your friend is god 30 kills

  17. l͚o͚r͚o͚s͚ s͚u͚r͚v͚i͚v͚ i͚o͚ v͚s͚ Azerbaijanhacker

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