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I bought Voidwaker equipment in Survivor.io so you didn’t have to! So let’s go over their drop rates in crates and test them out in real-time to see if Voidwaker equipment is better than Eternal equipment!

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  1. I got voidwaker treads by watching an ad to open the EDF chest and the first drop was S tier voidwaker treads

  2. Damn. Because of this update I got 4 voidbreaker S-grades I can't use instead of getting the eternal ones. Too much wasted.

  3. In time I’d like to see an equipment merging option like they have for weapons i.e. the divine destroyer, inferno bomb and thunder bomb. Phase.. IMAGINE the union of Void and Eternal 😂 3:13

  4. Wait guys when does the spin the wheel event start

  5. yoo i got the new necklace cuz i waited till the update came out cuz on s grade chest i was only 7 away :DDDDD it help me beat ch 20 its rly good

  6. If you look at the regular s grade crates you can see all the new equipment and it’s stats not sure if he knew that all ready

  7. I refuse to spend more money on this game ive spent over $100 and its just getting more expensive!

  8. F2p here, saved up for 10 pulls, and accidentally wasted my gems on the new crate 💀💀💀

  9. Should i use 10 pull on windbreaker crate or normal s grade crate

  10. Before I spend any money again. I need something guaranteed. Not falling for simple cash grabs.

  11. for the new set, boots are the only one looks good in term of stat ….

  12. Just saw this today and immerse went to see your breakdown on it. Was not disappointed!

  13. Will crates refresh in 3 days to a new guaranteed voidwaker slot? Ie now it is chest, next is something else?

  14. I have a question, I’ve been saving up and I have 10k gems. These new crates are tempting, but I’ve been saving up for the void weapon supply crates so I can finally get one of those. Should I spend my gems on the new crates? Or wait for the void weapon crates?

  15. Thank you for sacrificing your wallet for us. 👍

  16. I’m kind of disappointed they didnt add the voids to the edf crate

  17. Besides the boots and maybe necklace i think old S grades are better, i miss 1 eternal glove and 1 eternal boots to get them legend, and now i have lower ods or geting it (guaranted after 50 will have new ones too, so instead of 2/7 i will have 2/12)

  18. What irks me is that when i check the app store i keep seeing i am utd with any updates. However i am not seeing any of these events or equipment boxes.

  19. I just want a voidpower weapon banner again man i need one

  20. tbh i idc about the new armor I just want the void power I OPENED OVER 430 S GRADE CHESTS FOR CHRISTS SAKE AND GOT NO VOID POWERS

  21. Personally, I feel the new gloves (and possibly the belt) are the only good part of the set

  22. I just need the belt and the boots to have the complete equipment

  23. Just leaving a comment to steer the algorithm your direction lol

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