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What happened to surviv.io

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  1. сурвив некогда не забудем

  2. It was my childhood game before going to church or in the weekend

  3. This game was my favorite. I miss it so much.

  4. Best thing is you can orginal on twitch

  5. I actually do enjoy playing suroi a lot. it still needs some polishing though.

  6. game was so ez, started playing in middle school on school chromebook😂

  7. Surviv was such a legendary game to us. We shall let it in Peace.

  8. i cant find the game on google where can i find this game????!!!!

  9. I miss this game I wish I could play this game again it's my favorite

  10. I would legit put this in my top 5 favorite games of all time across all consoles

  11. I don’t blame the company. It was fairly small to begin with and it just fell off overtime and they couldn’t maintain servers

  12. Kongregate is really a bad company there new game doesn’t even work

  13. surviv just felt like a way smoother game bcz of its visuals compared to suroi but it is what it is. nobody didnt expect kongregate to ruin surviv

  14. Bro this game was the source of happiness for me 😢😢😢😢😢

  15. I blame schools, in my school lots of people played that game until they banned it on the devices.

  16. This game got me through middle school all the way to graduation, I’ll always miss it man

  17. This game is the best io game ever it was so fun to play and i want to play it again

  18. R.I.P, i played that game long time before ;(

  19. Hey resurviv not died! This New mod! surviv – hallowen – pro this game atualized hallowen and mod 50vs50!

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