What's Inside Secret Greenhouse CHAMBER? // Surviv.io - glimmergame.com

What’s Inside Secret Greenhouse CHAMBER? // Surviv.io

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  1. Your fans are so bad at explaining the code. I got it sent to me in the emoji's that represented the symbols in the bunker. It was easy.

  2. Maybe try and breaking the recorder? Or maybe break all the flowers then try breaking d door.maybye you you need I need a dictionary and you many kills?????? Or maybye just maybe after breaking the blue door put the katana in front of the brick wall

  3. How is there only 600+ views???? This came out yesterday

  4. how are you so good? By the way nice video

  5. Batrix better to hear.
    Now you know the code.
    Listen well
    No mean to the final seel.
    No key to this lock.
    Why i lie to some mortal eyes?

  6. Weong.
    Now that you get in slicing.
    Listen well
    No try to break the mystery of the final seel.
    No key to this lock.
    Why do people rumors lie to some mortal eyes.

  7. You are very noob,you got the pill and drinks but you don’t use them,they can help you to heal up then you don’t need to waste time to use the med kit.


  9. For the 3rd code break both of the boxes to the side then turn on both voice activators and type in the second code to open it

  10. i sav like a pasage in the the other room like another place in(6:33)

  11. contrary to the popular belief the glass is able to be broken with an excessive amount of damage that can use all your ammo 200 each and grenades

  12. it was one two three four for the first code in chinese

  13. There’s no highlight on d comment you didn’t use a highlighter

  14. You have to push the recorders at the same time

  15. To break the final door, you need the stone hammer…

  16. umm i mean u need hammer to break it…one problem…hammer is i squads D:

  17. If you use the stone hammer, it can open the chamber

  18. Secret Greenhouse CHAMBER
    Let's check the changelog:
    …a mysterious bunker lies beneath the greenhouse

  19. No your not going to get through. You need the stone hammer

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