WHAT'S INSIDE THE GOLDEN AIRDROP? // Surviv.io - glimmergame.com


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  1. Děkuji za video. Mega moc mi to zlepšilo náladu Baxi❤

  2. Baxtrix your my fav surviv io player keep up the great work and keep doing what you kove

  3. at 8 mins u would think u would of learned by now what different armor looks like ;-;

  4. The exclusive weapon that your friend got from the airdrop was an M1Garand

  5. At 8:00, you missed that freakin level 2 armor and you said aw you DONT HAVE anything

  6. Can u guys please sub to.me.Ian honest today I turned 15 I try to make YouTube videos but Ian poor so can't get aquipentz can u guys sub to help me.please

  7. The AWM-S was the thing that likely dropped from the golden airdrop. The ammo was 0.308 subsonic, if I remember correctly.

  8. I'm guessing the air drop is a reference to the infinity gauntlet in fortnite

  9. Ive got 25 awm ammo but i dont have the weapon 🌚💔🔫

  10. I just got a vector from the little vaults in the downstairs of the mansion

  11. After 6 months of playing surviv, Batrix still hasn’t figured out that the AK bunker has an AK47 in it

  12. Because of how often the air-drops happen with the flare guns, and the not too bad chance to drop the Deagle, with the mansion, dual-deagles aren't that rare anymore. I even got 4 desert eagles.
    Just wanted to say this.

  13. People say the rarest guns are m249 and awm but i think its the m1 ive never found it before

  14. I really wanted to know what there were in the GOLDEN airdrop…. XD
    Too much HYPE

  15. if u dont take weapon u should give them bullet

  16. Thats was firts time i heard from you ,,i need a back pack"😂you never take it😂

  17. if i had to take a guess i would say it drops a weapons like the awm or m1 garand 🙂

  18. can you open a rare crate without screaming please?

  19. Me was that guy with the scar and mosin at

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