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WHAT’S THE BEST CLASS? (Cobalt mode) | Surviv.io

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What’s the best class in the Cobalt mode? Assault, Sniper, Tank, Demo, Scout, Medic? Let’s see and tell me in the comments!



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Chapters :
0:00 Intro
0:12 Assault
1:25 Sniper
2:54 Tank
4:31 Demo
5:49 Scout
7:19 Medic
9:23 End


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  1. who else watches his videos and then get inspired to play surviv io and then you get really cracked at it

  2. gamerio what is best class me after saw the vid all of them is perfect ok the best class is medic

  3. tank is best cuz when u have a leg weapon but no ammo u will have ammo XD

  4. Wow it's like a pubg and fortinite😁😁😁😁

  5. fr combat medic that last guy was really good

  6. Medic is best class. My opinion

  7. i think medic or sniper the best.

  8. Tank is best class endless ammo and cast iron skin


  10. İts not about the perks its about how you play with them

  11. GAMERIO isn't a pro.

    GAMERIO has mastered the game. He's one with the game; he can bend it at will.

  12. 2:32 that tank is not a tank anymore because it died in a second

  13. Looking for trolling?demo suits to u because grenades is annoying self destructing killing or knocking someone and u take less damage

  14. ор а можно твоей частью выступать у меня эта игра скачанная

  15. Я хочу снимала что ты с тобой с роликов

  16. Очень круто играешь Можно у тебя поучаствовать

  17. Scout And Tank
    Scout – Can Hide Foom Enemies
    Tank – Looks Like Lone Survivor With Splinter Rounds With M249/PKP Pecheneg

  18. The music you put in this vid is so scynchornorized with every action you make. Great vid btw 😀

  19. pink is the best and you ar a vere good player

  20. Is it just me or are dual g18c's just plain overpowered close up?

  21. The Best class its scout, because… its hard to hit it

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