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WHAT’S THE BEST CLASS? (Cobalt mode) | Surviv.io

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What’s the best class in the Cobalt mode? Assault, Sniper, Tank, Demo, Scout, Medic? Let’s see and tell me in the comments!



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Chapters :
0:00 Intro
0:12 Assault
1:25 Sniper
2:54 Tank
4:31 Demo
5:49 Scout
7:19 Medic
9:23 End


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  1. What's the best class? idk, but i know you are the best player

  2. i call you game rio instead gamer io

  3. the fun fact i actually played with him and led me to his chanal so awsome

  4. Tank has to be the second worst class. Why? Because the smaller Players can easily Melee the tank.

  5. Best class… Well it depends HOW do you wanna play.
    In my case it's Medic, coz under fire running and healong while running I think it's the beat class for solo-squads.

    Sniper is the best for solos, in final two can do a cool clutch with one on the chamber. One bullet pne guy.


    I think it's for players that cab't play that well na or just wants to spend TONS of bullets.


    Great class for duos…
    In final three can spam the gre ases and after a short while again and every grenade counts….


    I…don't play Scout, but maybe I'll try to play with him and then tell u my opinion


    I've been playing with him a few times and maaan, double damage from EVERYTHING? and more AMMO?

  6. Umm… you are a pro so, you player all the classes perfectly but, i would say medic because you got 19 kills on that one soo yhea, medic.

  7. Medic a the oldest the best class. And… You real pro🥇👍

  8. OMG U play so well that u look like a hacker

  9. Combat med goes brrrrrrrr!!!
    Me using combat med after didnt play surviv for 1 year: Why is this so hard?

  10. Tip :You can combine Assault with splinter ruond and it epic

  11. I also like all the class but I prefer the purple class

  12. Alternate title:llayers gettin' owned by gaymer io

  13. ‘GAMERIO get Master Scavenger’. ‘Proceeds to not use it at all’

  14. im gonna say assualt , scout and medic are best
    good combat

  15. my best friend made this vid only with me playing and i'm not lying

  16. For me Tank is best cuz have infinite ammo combo with awm-s from master scavenger is op

  17. ah yes the reason i am not getting 17 kills is becuase i play as tank not medic
    my top cobalt kills is 10 with grenades

  18. Actually you used the same weapon combination for each class:sniper and shotgun,but it doesn’t really apply to each class

  19. Gamer did ya remember that you fought a guy call Lazar Beam, that s me!u really have good skills,keep fighting 🙂

  20. Good job. In the medik mode you are killed the more players then otheres modes.

  21. Gamerio: whats the best class?
    Me: you saved the best for last.

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