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WHAT’S THE BEST PERK? (Cobalt mode) | Surviv.io

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What’s the best perk on the Cobalt mode? We can find 3 different perks in this mode: Master Scavenger, Explosive Rounds & Splinter Rounds
I found an AWM-S with the Master Scavenger!
Let me know in the comments the one you prefer!



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0:00 Intro
0:47 Splinter Rounds
3:56 Explosive Rounds
6:30 Master Scavenger
8:10 Outro


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  1. why can no one make comment with even decent grammar in this video? like at least try to make understandable

  2. I was watching your cobalt match on 11/10/2021, you acting like a noob that game 🙁

  3. Hey, I’m a huge fan of you and I subscribe to you. My favorite perk would be master because it gives me good weapons

  4. I've never personally had explosive rounds, but I believe that Master Scavenger is the best. I literally had an AWM-S and an M-249 with that perk once!!!

  5. I love how this guy make's it look easy to get kills but in reality if i play the highest 1kill 🤣

  6. I think I was in that first round and you killed me lol 😂! Btw your a pro 🙂

  7. Am I the only one who thinks hitting someone with explosive rounds is satisfying?

  8. every bullet will blow up when you get explosive perk,so PKP is better than the scout elite,isn't it?

  9. Hello gameiro, a question like that your videos have HD quality?

  10. Imagine the damage of an awm-s with explosive rounds and assault

  11. I can only imagine what his fingers must look like on the keyboard 0-0

  12. I die when I have Splinter Rounds 🙁

  13. Imagine Splinter Rounds with explosive rounds combined


  15. We all know that Medic's windwalk is the best perk t_t xd

  16. Hey, i got SUPER POWERFULL GUN
    THE GUN IS m9…

  17. I have inly ever gotten the master Scavenger and that was from a airdrop

  18. I think that master scavenger is best because of the god loot but just imagine mini-gun with Explosive rounds

  19. It depends. Essay time.
    Okay, so:
    Master Scavenger
    Just scavenger that has been buffed. Gives insane loot when you break things. However, others can pick up these said things, meaning that you shouldn't randomly break things as it will lead to the enemy having better gear and weapons. However, depending on your playstyle, it can be the best in the world, or absolutely useless. If you play aggressive, you won't stop to break things for extra gear and weapons. However if you are passive, you can use this perk to get stacked before the final team shows up.
    Explosive Rounds
    Just makes each individual shot deal more damage. This means that it is best used with an automatic weapon that fires fast and accurate. For snipers, this perk would be pretty useless, as sniper is all about hitting one shot to kill your enemies. You should use this perk with fast firing shotguns like the Saiga-12 or shotguns with lots of pellets.
    Splinter Rounds
    The tank perk. Since you can deal 115% damage by hitting all 3 splinters, you can use this to great effect with an lmg as you don't need to worry about not enough shots hitting or a small magazine size. However, this perk actually makes it worse for snipers, as it makes the sniper more inaccurate.

    This is one of my shortest essays written.

  20. What editing software do u use its rly good!

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