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WHAT’s the RAREST GUN in SURVIV.IO? (M79 or AWM-S or M249)

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When you join the server, go to #rules and scroll down untill you see the greencheckmark. Click the checkmark to join the server.
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1️⃣Killing hackers playlist:

2️⃣Lone Survivr playlist:

3️⃣Surviv.io 50v50 all roles playlist (Leader, Medic, Grenadier, Recon, Lieutenant):

4️⃣Surviv.io tips & tricks playlist:

5️⃣Playing with Fans playlist:

6️⃣Which is better?:

7️⃣Random Challenges:

8️⃣ One Gun Challenges:

9️⃣Sinko De Ammo Mode:


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  1. This a dead game tbh and i dont think it will be revived

  2. Today when I play, I also got AWM-S

  3. 0:29 it's the rarest gun not the most rarest. Otherwise great video✌️

  4. Actually pkm is the most rarest gun in game its extremely rare and only drops in woods mode

  5. It would be cool if the awm-s was combined with the m79 and the m249 to create the AWM-7924. It might be a bit to overpowered though 🙂

  6. Answer:M79 Why: Because awm-s and m249 are easy to come by in potato mod. but M79 is almost impossible to come out in potato mod, and in classic mode, it comes with a chance of 1 in 1000. (personally I think)

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