when you have perfect aim in surviv.io | montage ft. Vulfka - glimmergame.com

when you have perfect aim in surviv.io | montage ft. Vulfka

Kinda Lame Gaming
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Clean 28 kill game by Vulfka.


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  1. He doesn't need a teammate to play a teammate mode round lol

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  3. Wouldn't be surprised if you didn't get 3/4 reports after the game lmao
    GG 😀

  4. Finally a 5 minute video ! 😀 (so I can watch it)
    Cool editing, insane gameplay, I'm sure your channel will grow if you keep uploading !

  5. Am I the only one who isnt satisfied?

    20 17 alive

  6. I remember Vulfkas words
    Vulfka:One day my fathet was in Russia and he become a friend of Russian boi and then they got drunk and somehow they come to England and vulfs fathers friend get in the bus and shout gde moi arbyz
    Me and Koteiika:haahhahahaahhaa perfect Russian acsient.

  7. great music choice. Now get the flicks of g0dak 🙂

  8. its better when vulfka records with no crosshair 🤨🤨🤨

  9. Damn, you would have deserved a 30 in that game💥

  10. So smooth and clean! Such an awesome game 😮

  11. Lol you can't have perfect a-


    It's Vulfka! Not surprised by perfect aim

  12. Razer Tiduuu is a big nuub in this game thx 🙂

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