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Which Class is Best? | Cobalt Mode Surviv.io

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In this video you will (not) find out which class is best. It does show you some gameplay with every class though. Sorry about the sound on my intro, its not pulse’s fault.

Thanks to Pulse for making my intro. Subscribe to his channel here:

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  1. the ending with splinter round awm-s was epic

  2. Nice video! I liked and subscribed, Can we help each other?😄😄

  3. I love that ending lol, also you should’ve showcased how broken the Medic is with the Seperator XD

  4. Awms+one in the chamber+SPLINTER GROUNDS=One shot kill

  5. I must know, what is your favorite class to use, mine is assault and combat medic.

  6. medic speedy boi (best class)
    scout annoying shit (second best)
    haha demo go booom (third best)
    then assault
    sniper (1 in the chamber was nerfed recently so this is 4th)
    tank worst smh all the randoms use it cuz they cant move/loot

  7. spas+spliter rounds+hollow points= thicc BULLET

  8. seal_4 awn-s is so fun with tank class and inf ammo so cool

  9. Yoo i just realized this was once on my recommended before subbing lol

  10. Tank is the best because you get infinity ammo and have a pan in your body that the bullets get hit by the enemy

  11. Ranking the best classes from best to worst: Scout, Assault, Tank, Sniper, Medic, Demo

  12. My ranking is:

    Medic because the speed boost and u can run when u heal
    Demo because its funny to spam the Grenades
    Tank because he can tank so much damage and if u find a OP weapon u dont need ammo 😀
    Assault I never play him bc he is just trash
    Scout he is just useless
    Sniper He is just 1 thing: W O R S T

  13. looking back on this, u are so much much better 1 year later

  14. Sniper is underrated. Takedown is really powerful if you're an aggressive player because you basically don't have to heal, plus the speed burst is appreciated too. One in the chamber is awesome with BLR 81 and a you could take down a lvl 3 tank with an AWM-S bullet

  15. Scout: the pro class
    Sniper: the steady handed class
    Medic: the meta class
    Demo: the troll class
    Assault: the masochist class
    Tank: the noob class

  16. Basically it depends on your play style. Medic is best for solo squads, tank is best used with spray weapon and a squad of tanks is unbeatable, sniper if you want to get high kills and play aggressively, scout with the melee advantage and is sooooo fun to troll a tank when he's 10 times bigger than u, demo u just literally spam grenades and troll, assault makes an ots-38 into a mosin so thats an ok class if you can get your hands on a decent weapon. My favourite class overall is sniper as takedown is op u can just kill one player after another and your adrenaline is always over half. One in the chamber is quite ok too when the blr u get from the crate only has a mag of 3 with 2 shots improved (but i know one in the chamber is nerfed)

  17. How dare you calling assault good, This is the badest class in game within tank and bomb class. Kekw

  18. On my option the best class are 3 and they are scout and medic or demo since my favorite class is demo since I like spamming 1,000 grenades I like grenades more than guns I like every grenade gun: Tip: with split rounds and with a machine op I mean nobody would even dodge your bullets there just 1M bullets everywhere

  19. I clutched with Medic role in Cobalt mode and got the win. (The Saiga-12 also made me win)

  20. Assault is my fav cuz the bullets and good damage

  21. What is the name of the last song

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