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  1. Try to setting looting using mouse scroll wheel up/down. (have fun trying it)

  2. Wait, are there so many people in Woods Mode? There aren't that many people when I play

  3. I gotta be honest M134 is possibly one of the worst guns in the game… you move slow when firing and it’s a machine gun soooooooo. The slow makes me hate it. I’d rather have an AK over M134

  4. I found a weird thing that say ‘stand with ukraine’, and there is an item to buy (it is a bird emote) that cost 3000 potato..

  5. The pkm is better to control with, the minigun makes me go slow, which makes me very vulnerable to enemy attacks

  6. Pkm man not as long reloading but mini has fast speed and more bullets so they equal each other out

  7. how do you make it show your hp and adreline

  8. pkm for medium range
    minigun for super long range lol

  9. PKM, because minigun isn't really portable.

  10. minigun is the worst gun ngl so pkm for sure

  11. I've never seen the PKM out of potato mode

  12. I'm pretty sure M134 does more damage, it also holds 200 bullets rather than the PKM's 100, but holy crap the PKM sounds sexy. It's got to be one of the best sounding guns in all of surviv.io. I usually pick up the PKM, I feel like it's more fun+sounds better.

  13. for me is Pkm because it is better to shoot far unlike m134

  14. omg how did this pop in my recommended this game is so damn nostalgic

  15. PKM, but I cant believe killed me with the PKM in this video, funny. Also, could you tell me how lucky I was to get the Minigun from a toilet in the very beggining of a game? (Regular game, not one of the noice new gamemodes)

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