WHY MASTER SCAVENGER IS THE BEST PERK (Surviv.io) #Shorts - glimmergame.com


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Want a PKP? OR 5??? #shorts

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  1. My favorite games but when. I play its laggy

  2. You are one of my favorite service IO YouTubers!!

  3. hello i am ur big fan pls play minecraft and get viewssss

  4. Nice to see you're posting surviv again 🙂

  5. When you're so early there's more likes than views
    (p.s I'm in your server and I just saw this video)

  6. but this is just a clip from one of your other videos not a real video tho

  7. Wow that was one of my favourite old videod

  8. Ahh the good old days of surviv when there weren't hackers in every lobby

  9. una ves le pude ganar a el :'3

    (Eso fue cuando jugaba que recuerdos era muy pro xd)

  10. nobody:
    Ihasyou: posts a short vid about cobalt that happened a year ago

  11. wasn't this clip from a video that he posted last winter when cobalt came out

  12. The Master Scavenger is a powerful perk when you have all 3 teamates with you but it's not as good when ur alone. Not to mention some random could pick up these shiny shiny loot too.

    Explosive/ splinter rounds deal high damage, and it should be used on extremely rapid fire weapons( not meaning M134, although these make it nearly unstoppable, grenades and sniper rifle can counter it better)

  13. Please Dont play this Is Fame Theres more hackers in the game

  14. umm IHASYOU can i team with u in surviv io my markr is Duckio

  15. I SP-Domer you pley TheLast IO?????

  16. yo ihasyou i think i just did solo duos agenst you?
    my name was ihaspod you killed me i had D eagle and groza s idk but guys name was IHASYOU and he won the date was thursday march 11 2021 at like in colorado time it was 9:56 probably not you but maybe plz respond tho

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