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Why Surviv.io Died

cosmic PanPan
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This video idea was inspired by: SunnyV2, Joweek and Survivio Clanwar League. I made this video in a hurry so it is very short but it summarizes why survivio declines during the pass year. The game is now dead as no more than 1000 players remain playing from around 100k.
Survivio Clanwar League



VNBPM (The hack gameplay)


  1. this game is really dead
    No updates
    No new players
    And more hackers.
    So this is why the game dead

  2. My game doesn't work properly – on the web version I can't join any games and the steam version lags horribly – I get almost a second of input lag.

  3. it's true lobby's in solo's for me only have a max of about 15 people and if I try to do squad or duo it takes like about at least 40 mins just to get a full squad or two duo's

  4. I also kinda want to quit surviv cause no one’s playing + failed join + no more update + hacker (stop hacking!) Somebody is do something to improve 😭

  5. es una pena que este muerto yolo deje de jugar por que estaba lleno de chiteros por lo menos en latinoamerica y los que aun juegan o son nuevos o esten chiteando ojala que algundia djen de haber tantos chiteros

  6. game is losing players then get hack……… my childhood.. my memories.. NOOOOOoaoooOooO

  7. That explains everything, i was trying to play with a friend but i always got the F***ing error, "Error joining"
    What a shame that this great game has died!!!

  8. 2 years later i used to play rhis game A LOT but now is full of lag and hackers and no updates which means its dead now

  9. I still don’t understand. Why and how did hackers take over the game? How did Kong having ownership of the game cause the increase in hacking?

  10. Yeah I got hacked and got the, "failed finding game" bug
    sad so much memories

  11. Ah… So that's why… It was a DDos attack. My og stuff 😭

  12. Welp the disord has just put the nail in the coffin

  13. well, the owners announced the end of the game, it was good while it lasted

  14. It's getting worse, the game might shut down soon 🙁

  15. i believe that survivio will never die and will get a 2nd change

  16. What a great game it has been, what was so great about survivio is how simple it was but then they started adding all these comsetics and stuff. I think it would be great if someone made a game like survivio and release it on steam with better UI.

  17. The worst part is that it is going to become completely unplayable soon.

  18. Just imagine what the original creators of surviv are thinking right now… they must be so ashamed of kongregate. I will never forget thoose times coming home from school and beeing so exited to play, and when a update dropped i always got so hyped… rip surviv, my all time fav .io game

  19. Ima think what i be youtuber about this game and others in future. But.

  20. yo panpan, do u remember me? my name was trashdumpp?

  21. Yeah i cant join. i'd try everyway to fix it. İ still remember first versiyon. So low graphics, small map. Just 1-2 small house and few bush

  22. Infect,this game became known in 2018.

  23. If I could I would buy this game to hopefully revive it.

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