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Why Surviv.io Died

cosmic PanPan
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This video idea was inspired by: SunnyV2, Joweek and Survivio Clanwar League. I made this video in a hurry so it is very short but it summarizes why survivio declines during the pass year. The game is now dead as no more than 1000 players remain playing from around 100k.
Survivio Clanwar League



VNBPM (The hack gameplay)


  1. Would anybody be interested if I made a documentary breaking down the Downfall of Surviv? it would be like an extension of Joweek's video

  2. L kong Ill rlly miss the game and all the memories i had with it

  3. The first time I played was 2022, I heard the this game was fun but clearly it's not

  4. it sad bro my fav game is dead and the king kong doesnt even care about all those havker

  5. Kong took the game and it got worse if Kong never bought the game this might not happen

  6. There are so many more stupid things about surviv than just hackers


  8. Actually, it's not dead, its bugged. Just about 1 month ago they added a stupid log in thing which broke several peoples accounts from logging in and many players can't even join a game, even if they are logged out. Just 2 months ago for example in 50v50, there were still plenty of players in it… I was fortunate mine didn't completely break but sometimes I couldnt join a game unless I loaded it a few times.

  9. Went from having 100k players one day to having 0 in less than 2 years, the decline of a good game after being taken by a souless company that made it boring with little to no updates

  10. VNBPM is my friend, and he hasn't cheated anymore.

  11. Bro the survivr pass expired and it’s back to the first pass because komergate stopped developing the game.

  12. It was actually really fun and I wish it came back to life but oh well.
    I remember playing 50v50 within the first minutes of its release and it was so fun but like, nobody plays it anymore so I can’t have that fun again

  13. you have 45 subs wtf do you know xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  14. Freak, it happened to me, it keeps saying "Failed to join game"

  15. problem is not about hackers. problem is kongregate. this game was just abandoned with them, even if there wasnt hackers this game still will die.

  16. Remember people complaining about Justin & Nick being bad devs? I do. Game honestly would probably be a whole lot different now. Justin and Nick even tried buying the game back from kong. But kong declined any offers.

  17. 5 years of a good experience. Thank you 🙁

  18. Technically the game is still playable…
    But all the good features are broken 🙁


  20. damn I just wanted to play a round after some time again and couldn't log in, now I know why :/ was a good game tho.. I hope it will come back again at some point

  21. hackers werent the problem if u good enough you will welcome them cuz they cant walk and avoid your predicted shots lol
    but that logging is bad and the indifference of the developer R.I.P. surviv io i loved that game

  22. we all shall remember that graphic's,no battlepass,no any other mod's…the-the bro im crying:(It was perfect game,everyone liked that game…now we lost it now:(((((((brooooooooooooooo whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Remember…no hacker's,full fun……full ppl happinnes,all those map's…all those gun's…all those gunshot's…buut..now…..R.I.P. my childhood game,R.I.P:(((((((((((

  23. does this exist? I think not.

  24. Por que un tal Gamerio uso de hacks malogro las ganas de jugar

  25. The devs did try something: They thought new skins could distract hackers.

  26. Damn i miss this game the last time I played was the 50 vs 50 events

  27. I prefer old io games 2015-2017 these times was Best, but now i dont play io games

  28. IS IT BACK?? I'm in a round I could start the game wtf

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