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WOODS KING VS 100 NOOBS! | Surviv.io

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I assembled all the loot of a private woods map to the pavilion and let fans join trying to kill me!
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0:00 Game 1
1:33 Game 2
2:50 Game 3
4:17 Woods king VS 100 Noobs


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  1. You in the second game be like:trying to heal; a guy comes inyou: oh come on!kills him, trying to heal again; another guy comes inyou: OMG JUST LET ME HEALkills him, trying to heal again; another guy comes inyou: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! JUST LET ME HEAL!!!

  2. I'm your fan I really want to meet you my nickname GAMERIOFAN

  3. I wanna 1v1 GAMERIO he’s my fav yt surviv player let me play you😭😭😭

  4. You should do m9 only challenge for the boys 👌

  5. Gamerio I have to tell you something 😇😇😇😇😇😇 I like you 😘😘😘😘

  6. Gamerio i hope i get my first reply what is your keybinds pls i need it

  7. Did you just played with me (KETTPERFORMANCE) in savannah?

  8. Hello everyone, today I want to tell you something. He said that his account was taken away. He borrowed it from me and I lent it to him, but he sold everything in my account.@GAMERLO is a liar I trust him so much, but he treats me like this, I hate him

  9. im sorry how in H#LL did u get a full lobby everytime i play nowadays i get a lobby with 10 people

  10. tutorial on how to get better aim & reflex pls

  11. Sorry i killed you in a game and you had no gun

  12. WHAT is wrong with THE servers? Its like 4-5 peoples there

  13. ты слишком крутой чтобы тебя называли крутым!

  14. You are lucky, because i have 2 cheaters in 1 game!

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