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Which survivr is the best? Woods king or basic survivr? Let’s see on the Woods mode!



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0:00 Intro
0:07 Basic survivr 1
1:19 Woods king 1
2:58 Woods king 2
5:04 Basic survivr 2
6:18 Outro


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  1. What do you prefer? Woods king or basic survivr? 🤔
    👇 Reply to this comment to let me know! 😉

  2. Who would prefer Marksman's helmet, if those savannah patches weren't deleted?

    Brutal players are wise, if they choose basic one 🤔

  3. Gamerio stats:
    Aim: 9.2/10
    Tactic: 8.6/10
    OC: 8.1/10
    Movement: 8.3/10
    Flick aim: 6.7/10 (g0dak has 8.9/10)

  4. I prefer wood king for sure 😉

  5. Haha can't control my laugh kill those noobs at the woods gift island haha XD

  6. in my own opinion ofc wood king cus it has the wind walk peak when enermies want to chase you while shooting it is hard to chase you and the gift of wood=a soda 👍🏻keep it up

  7. We want one more live random squad game 🙏

  8. I from Vietnam and I am fan with you(gamerio)

    thanks to your video i am better at surviv.io, great video

    good video:>

  9. XxX千EL〡PE_EⅮ〡Τ ऽ XxX ツ says:

    Live pls

  10. gamerio I want to play with you 1vs1 but I speak Spanish

  11. You were wrecking those kids with the spas hahaha

  12. If this is how woods mode looks like what does forest mode look like?

  13. Basic survivor has less attention at first but it’s not as cool looking than the wood king so wood king for sure 👨🏼‍💻

  14. Every time I get a 10 kill, feel proud, and then cringe at how bad I am when I watch gamerio

  15. hey gamerio can u vs with jokestaplay pls
    i want in ur team :0

  16. I like basic, just because you get targeted with woods king.

  17. Construction art . Nghệ thuật xây dựng và thủ công. says:

    King and usus 12 :())

  18. Wait I think I met u my name was marcus and some other letters

  19. menso que haces en mi servidor de discord dando notificaciones maldito spamer de videos

  20. How you can play with bots with no romoving your acount?🤔

  21. Gamerio you should do a live tournament or in your discord if you do it many times you will have more subscribers

  22. Why are you only playing against guests? That's sus tbh

  23. I like woods king more because it helps you fight because of the windwalk although you get targeted you can get away if needed

  24. Do you want to know how much i like your content? Now offense to ihasyou but your better good music peace has you

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