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Don’t team except for when im in your game,
im always lookin for content.

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  1. Always get good loots, but killed by teamers, this is the revenge, nice 💥🤩

  2. there were teamers that had pretty good skill. And next time send link for hacks :)lol also how do you change the scope without clicking it?

  3. Wow ! i dont know some pros of the community were teaming 😕

  4. dude its was rey ban him of all sever yu know his in

  5. verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry gud video. +1 like and 1 broken bayonet :c

  6. Cool video as always. can’t wait for the next vid

  7. This thing wouldn't have been complete without Rey or Krown44 for real
    4:25 and a fake Sans as well.

  8. The morality of the video: all "icecream" teamers are to dumb to learn ur lesson and they will keep teaming, especially autists like MCA, krown44, ProYou, Rey and others kids. Btw nice move of bluring ur nickname

  9. Yea cul, but u should be more original, not just inspired by someone

  10. Normal players when they see teamers: "Fu-"
    g0dak when he sees teamers: "Let's go!"

  11. Is it just me, or do most teamers betray their own "teammates" when they're weak?

  12. And let this video be a lesson, and a threat, to all the teamers out there.

  13. Gut gelungenes video :_) , fühle mich aber angesprochen :_(

  14. you`r yt was one of the big insperations for mine, now that theres so much lag in the game i can`t record so that sucks, any ways nice vid happy to see ur still upoading;>

  15. New computer? Also You're On fire🔥🔥🔥

  16. g0dak pov: I am about to end this man WHOLE Career

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